A church is a lot like a person. It has a distinctive personality with a distinctive mission. It's true that all of Jesus' churches have the same overarching mission, but it looks different in different places -- different emphases, flavors, tactics, styles. This is because churches are not machines. They are amazingly complex mosaics of complex people. And every mosaic is like a snowflake--utterly unique. Thus it is important to get to know a church--what they believe, how they live out their mission, how they treat each other and the world, how they worship, how they play, how they relate.But getting to know a church is not fully possible from a website. The pages that follow will give you an introduction to the things we believe and the way we are going about ordering our life together. It is a beginning. But nothing substitutes for an actual visit! And know that you are welcome to take us up on that anytime.

Who We Are as a Church
 9915 West Argent Road, Pasco, WA 99301
Sundays at 10:00 am