Our worship services form the crossroads of our life together. We gather weekly to express to Jesus Christ our wonder and our gratitude, to surrender ourselves to Him afresh and find strength to persevere in lives of obedience and service. We also gather to be the community of Christ--to hear each other, prod each other, encourage each other, love each other, and to reach out into the community with Christ's love in practical ways.
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To:9915 West Argent Sreet
Pasco, WA 99301
Number and Street:

Directions: Desert Springs Covenant Church is located at 9915 West Argent Street in Pasco, WA.  The church is conveniently located close to the highway on the corner of Road 100 and Argent Street.

What to wear: Dress is casual at Desert Springs Covenant Church. 

Greeters: You will find greeters at the front doors of the church to welcome you, to provide you with a bulletin and to assist in answering questions you may have.  

Children and student areas: We have a children's ministry that coincides with our worship service; ask anyone for help locating the student rooms.

Worship service: Our service will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. We sing a blend of contemporary songs and hymns of the past. The teaching is solidly Biblical and relevant to everyday life.

Communion: Every Sunday we share what is called the Lord's Supper, also known as Communion or the "Common Meal." We do this, as commanded by Jesus, to remember His sacrifice and death on our behalf. Anyone who has made a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ as Lord is invited to take communion with us. If you are not ready to participate, please do not feel uncomfortable at all. Communion is both corporate and deeply personal as well.

Offering:  When you come as a guest or a newcomer we don't want you to feel obligated in any way to give.
Sundays at 10:00 am
 9915 West Argent Road, Pasco, WA 99301